Scientific Drilling in the Beaufort Sea


Co-ordinated Scientific Drilling in the Beaufort Sea:



The aim of this workshop is to define and integrate the scientific questions and drilling strategies required to assess environmental change and geohazards in the Beaufort Sea.


These themes include the long-term glacial and sea-level history of the region; the global and regional significance of paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic conditions; the critical boundary conditions and process linkages associated with permafrost and gas hydrate aggradation and degradation on the shelf; and how these processes are related to slope stability and geohazards along the Beaufort Shelf.


The anticipated outcome is a co-ordinated drilling and borehole instrumentation strategy that will be implemented through a linked IODP/ICDP proposal. The workshop will aim to build upon and improve an existing IODP pre-proposal targeting paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic records from the Mackenzie Trough, as well as an emerging ICDP proposal for offshore hydrate and permafrost drilling on the Beaufort Shelf.


The workshop is funded by IODP-MI, IODP-Canada, ICDP-Canada and Natural Resources Canada. Further information and registration forms will be available after October 18th at: http://www.iodpcanada.ca/outreach/beaufort, or by contacting a member of the organising committee.